The services we offer to our clients are the following:

Transactional and Real Estate Structuring

In addition to business structuring, at A&H Haiat y Amezcua we carry out acquisition, sale, mergers and spin-offs transactions, assignments and amendments, as well as joint ventures, divestitures and co-development. All of them through the drafting of the transaction documents, coordination with the other actors of the added value chain, as well as negotiation with the counterparties, notaries and auxiliary service providers; with the intention of solving in the most efficient and expeditious manner the particular needs of the transaction, always taking care of the legal, accounting, corporate, tax, financial and commercial details.

Corporate and Finance law

As a complement to the services we provide, in A&H Haiat y Amezcua we design, elaborate and manage the documents that allow our Clients and their companies to have the clarity and documental order that they require in the commercial and civil part of the entities in which they are shareholders or partners. All this, hand in hand with the daily needs of the tax, property, succession or financial structures of which they are part. We cooperate directly with notaries, financial institutions, trustees, developers, appraisers and other service providers to align our clients' businesses with the documents supporting them.

Tax Consulting

A significant part of the added value that we bring to our clients is tax efficiency through the proper use of resources, together with a rigorous and accurate knowledge and application of the law. We anticipate a maximization of profits to the beneficiaries of the business, with the security and certainty of accurately complying with the obligations required by the applicable legislation.

Investment Banking

Considering the current access to the different sources of financing and funding of businesses and the knowledge of the markets and instruments to obtain resources for investment, we advise and assist our Clients in the financial aspect of their businesses; either through contracting instruments with financial institutions or private equity investments. Additionally, we accompany them in the development of their businesses, analyzing the fulfillment of their obligations and advising them in case the financing structures have to be amended or adjusted.

Wealth Management and Succession Advice

We design structures that allow the protection and prevention of a potential affectation to the estate of our Clients, fitting specifically to the needs of each one of them and based on their personal and family profiles.

Conflict Resolution

We know how to do business, it is in our DNA. We know how the relationship between the parties goes when the business runs smoothly as well as when there is an unplanned event that strains the relationship among the parties. We also know where to find the middle ground that allows the settlement and the negotiation, as well as the dispute resolution mechanisms that allow the conflict to be resolved, without damaging the core of the business. We offer advice to the disputing parties aiming to resolve the dispute or to carry out the split, achieving the greatest possible benefit for both parties.

Accounting Services

We prepare for the Client clear, accurate and timely financial and tax information that serves as a basis for making economic and strategic decisions. This service is provided with the highest quality and complies with the financial information standards issued by the CINIF and the current tax provisions, so that the Client can use it effectively in the management of the company.


As part of the audits, we periodically review the financial statements or a specific item of these, to issue an opinion through a report, which can be used as a tool for good decision making, or to comply with the orders of several authorities. The Audit allows our Clients to be certain that their financial information is properly reported in accordance with financial reporting standards. The opinions or certifications that are the result of the audits are endorsed by the firm of a professional who has the necessary expertise and professional capacity to issue an opinion regarding the accounting, financial and tax position.


It consists of providing specialized accounting and tax services on-site, incorporating the firm's personnel directly in the client's offices with proper guidance and adequate training to ensure a high level of specialization, high quality standards and measurement of services, the use of cutting-edge technology and continuous improvement to focus our efforts and the valuation of our work based on the defined targets.